La maison Cordier

The History of La Maison Cordier

Since being founded by Désiré Cordier in 1886, La Maison Cordier has been committed to preserving the values he held dear: collective strength, daring creativity, and a thirst for discovery.

These same values continue to inspire us today, propelling us ever closer to our goal of guiding our entire winemaking community towards excellence and an innate knowledge of their craft, inspired by a demand for quality.

It is the passion shown by these artisan winemakers, and the drive and determination from everyone at La Maison Cordier, that brings us closer to our ultimate goal with each passing year: to look after people, whilst we also look after the planet. Reaching for these delicious, eco-friendly heights is something we commit to each and every day – but we’ll only get there if, like a rope team of climbers, we all pull together.

La Maison Cordier is paving the way towards new, sustainable horizons.

La Maison Cordier is guiding our winemakers on their quest for excellence.

Join the Cordier rope team as we climb in the right direction.

Désiré Cordier
Our terroirs

The Selection

Inspired by INVIVO’s inherent sustainability and its close links to local communities, La Maison Cordier is the only merchant to offer support to its growers throughout the winemaking process, all the way from vine to glass.

Every year, we celebrate this joint undertaking by offering you a selection of the very best wines, created by our hard-working vintners and our visionary chief winemaker, Bruno Kessler. Our wines are the result of commitment at every level, and are always created with you – the consumer – in mind.

From the tropical freshness of our Bordeaux Blanc to the smooth, powerful Gigondas, they are a testament to the team mentality that lets us get the very best out of our regions. With vintages from the rolling hills of Bordeaux, the vales of Beaujolais, and the sun-drenched terraces of the Languedoc, they are sure to be a hit with anyone ready to take on a mountain of flavour.