Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

A cookie is a small, anonymous text file that is saved to your computer, tablet, or mobile when you visit a website or mobile app. Cookies are commonly used to help run websites, and make them work more efficiently. When your browser accesses various pages of our website or returns to them at a later date, cookies can be used to store status information until they expire. They will not damage your device in any way. Cookies are used to record data anonymously. They cannot be used to personally identify you. uses two types of cookies to offer you the best possible experience.

Functional cookies that are required for technical reasons – without them, our website would not be able to work properly;
• Server ID: technical cookie used for server load balancing.
• Age Gate (lifespan: session duration): a legally-required cookie for certifying whether a user is legally permitted to drink alcohol in their country.
• Viewed_cookie_policy (lifespan: 1 year): this saves your choice regarding the use of optional cookies. No personal data is gathered.

Optional cookies used to measure analytical performance:
• Google Analytics (lifespan: 2 years): uses cookies to anonymously analyse site usage and traffic statistics, such as the number of unique users per page. We can use these cookies to evaluate how our website is performing, and improve it to offer you the content that you want to see, as well as providing you with a pleasant browsing experience.

An information banner is displayed when you first visit the site – this gives you the option to accept or refuse the use of cookies.

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